Poetry Magazine: forthcoming.

Jet Fuel Review: forthcoming.

The Wandering Song: Central American Writing in the United States: forthcoming in April 2017 (print anthology from Tia Chucha Press).

Juked Print Issue 14: "Queerodactyl II" and "Queerodactyl III."

Winter Tangerine: "Día de los Muertos."

IMANIMAN: Poets Writing in the Anzaldúan Borderlands: "Self-Portrait According to George W. Bush" (print anthology from Aunt Lute Books).

Superstition Review: "PayDay Loan Phenomenology."

The Collapsar: "Queerodactyl V" (nominated for Best New Poets), "Queerodactyl VIII," and "Queerodactyl IX."

Platypus Press's WILDNESS: "Queerodactyl VI" (nominated for Best New Poets) and "Queerodactyl VII."

Up the Staircase Quarterly: "Arthur's Spelling Trubble" (nominated for a Pushcart).

Sibling Rivalry Press's Assaracus Issue 23: A Journal of Gay Poetry: "Queerodactyl," "Amor Eterno," "Marero," "Marrow," and "Our Lady of Suyapa."

Public Pool: "Restored Mural for Orlando" (republished on NPR's Latino USA and mentioned in Melissa B. Warnke's "We can learn from the Orlando attack, but only if we're willing to be brave" on Los Angeles Times).

Breakwater Review: "After the Tempest" (nominated for Best of the Net), "Marrow ('Then a wealthy Israeli student with a modeling career')," and "Marrow ('The two-hearted spirit-spider generates blood')."

The Adroit Journal: "Midwestern Skulls for the Broken Latino."

Word Riot: "Finding Logic in a Crushed Head" and "Queerodactyl IV."

Reservoir: "When a Person Says Go Back to Your Country" (nominated for Best of the Net).

Connotation Press: "Migrant Workers Refurbish a House," "Atonement in the Key of Padre," and "Echoes of the Soft Fruit" (nominated for a Pushcart).

Lockjaw: "Museum for the Asking," "Foramina," and "Casualties of Art."

Notre Dame Review: "Borderland Pica: Blender" and "Tres Rostros del Fuego: After Luis Jiménez's Man on Fire: Parts I and II" (issue 40).

Cartridge Lit: "The Fighter of Nortune" and "Jungian" (nominated for Best of the Net).

NonBinary Review: "Blancanieves" (nominated for Best of the Net).

Compose: "Marsh" and "Metal."

Drunken Boat: "Litter."

The Acentos Review: "Preparations for a Journey Home."

BorderSenses: "Perhaps You Shouldn't Have Spoiled Him" (volume 19).

Eunoia Review: "The Launching," "An Autobiography of Guilt #5-Diegesis," "Black Ex," "An Autobiography of a Bottle of Sprite #80-Exorcism," and "An Autobiography of Apples #2-Bildungsroman."

Red Savina Review: "Manatee."